Who We Serve

SafetyOne serves a wide variety of clients

From athletics, to schools & camps, facilities, and the workplace, SafetyOne facilitates Safety and Compliance in a variety different markets.
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Sports & Rec.

A powerful suite of features to help you automate the collection of documents, forms and waivers.  Plus run background checks and distribute any additional required training.  

From youth lacrosse leagues to local YMCA leagues, SafetyOne is here to help you save time and money in managing Safety and Compliance so you can focus on what’s really important, the youth athletes.
  • SafetyOne makes it easy to combine all of your Safety and Compliance requirements into a unified platform.
  • A wealth of features and configurations makes SafetyOne perfect for managing small, medium, and large Sports & Rec. organizations.
  • Manage with confidence knowing you have insights into missing Safety requirements with our reporting and dashboard functionalities.
  • Access to our growing library of Safety Tools, such as Abuse Prevention Training.

Schools & Camps

  • Track Injuries & Incidents
    Accidents in the classroom or injuries at camp can easily and effectively be tracked through the SafetyOne platform with ‘incident logs’. Options to upload a photo, tag another user, and even report a confidential incident, create an audit trail to decrease your liability.
  • Oversee Staff and Participants
    Assign and collect Safety Waivers, Documents, and Training's for all of your staff and participants.
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
    Parents and guardians have the opportunity to list any pre-existing conditions with an emergency action plan.  Camp/school staff will have this information at their fingertips through SafetyOne.


Configure your Org Structure in SafetyOne to accommodate your facilities various programs, fields, rooms, leagues, etc.
Customize your permissions to give facility employees specified access to monitor and manage the various segments of your organization.
Collect necessary paperwork and waivers required to enter or participate in your facility.


  • Track Certifications
    Monitor workers certifications, to be sure nobody is at the worksite without proper credentials.
  • Administer Online Training
    Allow your workers to complete certification and re-certification programs online right in SafetyOne.
  • Increase Safety
    Track OSHA Certifications, Background Checks, on-site injuries, and more to create a safer work environment.