Our Product

SafetyOne is comprised of a multitude of features that lead to creating a safer environment. These features are summarized described by our "4 Pillars of Safety".


Safety Profiles

SafetyOne starts with the safety participant profile that helps administrators manage and track participant, staff and volunteer compliance like waivers, background checks and training based on Federal, State and local compliance requirements as well as Insurance best practices.

Document, Form, & Waiver Collection

With SafetyOne DocuSure™, required document collection is simplified (automated waivers, medical consent forms, etc..).  No more shuffling through piles of paperwork for waiver and training certifications.

Track Pre-Existing Conditions

The safety profile also enables guardians to provide participant medical history and injuries so administrators can best manage protocol if an incident does occur. Even confidential incidents can be recorded with instant notifications.


Automated reminder notifications for missing documents, forms, and training.  As well as automated notifications whenever an injury or incident occurs within your organization.


Shed light into gaps and breakdowns

SafetyOne provides visibility into gaps and potential breakdown in compliance in a simplified manner, all accessible from any device.

Most organizations use two or more products to track compliance, wasting both valuable time and money.  On a single dashboard, an administrator can see and track the status of both compliance and learning requirements making sure Federal law requirements are being met.

Reporting Dashboard
Background Check
Required Documents
& Waivers
Required Training


  • Make training accessible to all staff and participants
    SafetyOne is the only safety and compliance-based technology platform that integrates a learning management software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, and learning and development programs.
  • Use your existing custom training
    Plug in your existing repository of training resources from any device (desktop or mobile) including assessments/quizzes, and existing compliance completion reports.
  • Access to our always growing content library
    Access to content and video courses are integrated into the safety profiles enabling coaches, counselors, volunteers and professionals to take the courses  on their phone or desktop at their pace.

Incident Reporting

  • Injury and incident reporting in the palm of your hand
    Only SafetyOne has an injury and incident reporting system integrated into the core platform. Once the injury is recorded, an instant notification is sent to parents, coaches, trainers and administrators that have permission to access the participants profile.
  • Confidential Incident Reporting available to all users
    SafetyOne’s confidential injury reporting system allows administrators, coaches or counselors to report with instant notification confidential & sensitive incidents (abuse and bullying) with instant notification to leaders of the organization.
  • Create an Audit trail and make your insurance carrier happy
    The SafetyOne system drives audit trails on all activities in the platform, reportable by administrators.