About SafetyOne

SafetyOne is a technology platform focused on Creating Safe Environments by simplifying the management of Safety, Compliance, and Training programs. We deliver solutions for Sports, Recreation, Education, and Workplace organizations where safety is paramount. Our team is intensely focused on making our customers successful, and we are committed to continuous improvements in these areas. 

Our company is led by technology and risk management professionals who have decades of experience using technology to reduce risk and simplify operations. Our product is maintained by athletes, students, parents, and a risk management team focused on 2 things: simplicity and convenience. We have made strides in simplifying otherwise complex and nagging tasks, and we will continue to do so as we add services and features to our platform. 

Our solutions protect our members as they grow from Grade-to-Grade, team-to-team, or job-to-job, we are committed to helping you Create a Safe Environment for your organization.
Our Mission
The mission of SafetyOne is to be the industry leading solution provider simplifying the management and execution of our clients’ best practices in Safety and Compliance needs.
Our Vision
Our clients have a true sense of risk transparency and an actionable management platform creating a safer, healthier, and more productive environment.