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Safety Simplified.

From Training and Background Checks to Waivers, Document Collection and eSignatures, all of the Safety & Compliance services you need from One provider.

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Simplified Safety

Investing in different vendors for your Safety and Compliance needs is chaotic for your users, confusing for your employees, and leaves vulnerabilities in your organization undetected. You end up having to manage a handful of software tools, spreadsheets, and documents to collect and maintain all your Safety information. Context of all these requirements is invariably lost and incomplete.

When you use SafetyOne, you're able to simplify and make sense of all this information. You manage all of your Safety and Compliance requirements behind the same login, your users are able to easily complete all of their requirements in one place, so you can easily see the big picture.


Safety Profiles provide transparency into participants & staff pre-existing conditions, medications, emergency contacts, injuries, and emergency action plans.


Compliance services assure participants & staff are current with required training and documents – Background Checks, Abuse Prevention,  Waivers, & other Training.


Our Learning Management System delivers required training courses and learning materials, and the ability to track certification status for coaches, staff, or participants.

Incident Reporting

Injury and incident reporting captures onsite injuries as well as confidential incidents (bullying, abuse) with instant notifications to adults connected to the participant.

Everything you need, in one place.

  • Safety Profiles
    Safety Profiles for all members, staff and participants
  • DocuSure™
    Simplified  document collection of required paperwork for your organization (automated waivers, medical consent forms, etc.)
  • Learning & Training Certification
    Plug  in your existing repository of training resources available on any device  (desktop or mobile) including assessments/quizzes, and reporting on  completion compliance.
  • Notifications
    Simple & customizable notifications to alert reported incidents as well as reminders for required outstanding compliance requirements.
  • Background Checks
    Assign a variety of Background Check products for users to complete right in their Safety Profile.
  • Reporting &  Dashboards
    Single  & central reporting for Safety & Compliance information.

Simple & Flexible

SafetyOne makes it easy to get up and running
  • Meet and configure
    Meet with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to configure your organization's SafetyOne account with your training's, documents, waivers, Background Checks, and more.
  • Notify organization
    Send your organization a "heads up" message with a provided flyer so they know to expect their SafetyOne invitation shortly.
  • Import Data
    SafetyOne can integrate directly with your registration platform, or you can provide a CSV file for a simple import. Your users will receive an email invitation to login and setup their SafetyOne account.
  • Focus on what matters
    With your Safety and Compliance tasks simplified and centralized, spend more time making your organization great.
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